Work with AGA to develop an observational research registry.

AGA can help support a company’s need to obtain and gather data and evidence required by physician members, payors and regulatory agencies.

Protocol Development

This service begins with a concept. AGA will bring together a team of expert members in a specific content area to develop the concept into an operational protocol.

Protocol Implementation

This service begins with an approved protocol. AGA will operationalize the registry, including contracting and initiating sites, submitting and receiving IRB approvals, design and launch of an electronic data capture system, remote data verification, and analysis.

AGA Star Registry

AGA is currently running the STAR Registry, which will provide the first real-world data observing patient outcomes following laparoscopic surgery versus transoral fundoplication with the EsophyX® device for treatment of GERD.

Find out how you can work with AGA on a device registry.

FMT National Registry

AGA has launched the FMT National Registry, which will assess short- and long-term patient outcomes associated with fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT). This registry is supported by NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
(Award Number R24AI118629).

Find out how this registry can support future post-market surveillance.

Are you ready to develop a registry?

To learn more about registries, please contact Sonya Serra, senior director of registry development and integrity.

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